So it begins….

The bug to start gardening hit me in a masterful way toward the end of last year. I was hoping to get a jump on this years growing season but that was not to be. February’s weather patterns had other plans. But its March now and the warmth has returned and the push and rush to get seeds started is on now.

The list of things I will be growing this year seems very long but it’s actually not. Here is that list

Flowers: Dahlias – Onesta , Tahiti Sunrise. Marigolds, Lavender, nasturtium

Herb: Oregano

Vegetable: Lettuce, spinach, Carrot, beets,Bell Peppers, kale

Fruit: Strawberry

Thats what it looks like for this season. I pray I have enough containers to pull all of this off.

I have used a crap ton of soil this year that I got from various Stores this year so far.. Family Dollar was the cheap option this year, Lowes cames in handy already, I love that store and American Beauty Garden Center for soil and vermiculite.

Everything I am doing this year for container gardening is a first for me. Not just using the standard Garden / Potting soil but also using compost and top soil with Perilite and Vermiculite and Mixing it all together and hoping for awesome results this year.

I am excited and I hope you all follow me on this journey. Its gonna be a fun wild ride for sure.


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