Discoveries and possible Natural allies

Over the last few days of working on my container garden and cleaning up the yard in the back of the apartment. I found ants and a pair of Birds who live in a tree that over looks the Yard. Since I have cleaned out a lot of the debris that never really get cleaned up. they been in the yard a lot which is actually a good thing. I also found Ants and they are not the red ants we all hate but they are the Black ones which are the nest natural allies in the garden. They protect and defend and even help pollinate plants as well. Am glad i stumbled upon these 2 secrets in the backyard.

I brought 2 more pots and more potting soil as well and am running short on dirt again. I gotta make a run to Lowes Later this week for more compost and Garden Soil / potting soil.  One of the two new pots I Purchased from American Beauty Garden Center was from YeildPots and I was impressed by its simple design purpose and functionality after researching their stuff on-line. So i look forward to using their product this season.

After that all of that here is what I did on the Garden the last few days planted My Lettuce outside, it was time to do it. Planted more onions, seeded Carrots  in one of the containers as well. and just checked on all the other containers that have been either purposed for vegetables or flowers. I did not do the whole seeding plant record deal because mother nature can surprise you when you least expect it. Will share more about that in the coming days.

For now here is a picture of the very bare looking garden right now.



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