All by hand

In 2000 I worked at the omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. There I had decided to give life to a staff garden by barracks at the time. It was there I decided to do something different, something normal but still out of the ordinary. What was that you asked? Well let me tell you. I decided to garden without any man-made tools instead I used rocks as tools and my hands to do the rest.  The rocks fit in my hand perfectly. One by one clearing the garden sections by hand and using the rocks as a trowel. It was a sight to see. The funny thing about where the garden was it was on top of a fill debris hill that was covered over with dirt and plants planted into the side of the to keep it stable. It was a really good idea and it worked. But when you are trying to clear six to eight inches of soil in a garden by hand all of the wonderful debris that is in there has to come out. It was tough rewarding and fun at the same time.

I share all of that to let you know that once again all of the preparation of the soil has been done by hand. No tools at all. And that I am proud of. I almost got a garden trowel but chose not to. So each and everyone my hands are mixing and feeling the texture of the soil mix to make sure it feels right. Even when mixing in perlite or vermiculite. It’s all been done by hand. I am thankful that I now have the opportunity to do that now. No tools of any kind. playing in the dirt feels really Good! Just saying!

Here are more pictures taken after working in the garden today




I need More Containers and Dirt!


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