Two weeks in……

Two weeks in and everything is going good. March has done us well here in the south. Granted though I am a northerner, born and raised in the great state of New York. The successes I am having this early in the year would not be possible in the north right now since the winter is trying to hold on for dear life up there. Either way I am greatful for what I have now and the 2015 growing season is now in high gear.

Everything I have planted or replanted is doing really well. Everything is coming up in its right o’le proper time. I am extremely shocked to be honest with you. I was worried as well. But all things are coming together very well so far.


Though very small in the center of both pots my dahlias are coming up now. I have waited 2 weeks for this and they are up now.


In this picture there is a potato plant in the middle and onions on either side. This is an experiment though and I know it will work. You wont find this method in any books but i do believe this will work for the good of both the onions and the potatoes to come.


In this picture the little carrot seedlings have finally started to come up. They actually started coming up a day ago but I think they are all up now. When they get tall enough they will be thinned out but right now I am glad they are up and busting through the dirt. And once again there are Onions in the foreground.


My favorite lettuce plant that is growing really well. I have not actually harvested any leaves off of it for a week and it looks really good. I also paired the lettuce with onions as well.

I had a lot of seed onions this year and they all just seem to want to sprout at different times its Kinda crazy I just might plant the rest of them in the yard.

All in all everything is going well, growing well and I am happy with that!




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