Week Three….

Phase 1:

I transplanted two more collard greens plants into a new container


Phase 2:

I re-did  a pot that I did not set up right. | first I dug up the collard green plant that was in the pot placed it to the side. Emptied the compost topsoil mix into another container to it dry out as it was totally water-logged. Then I washed the container out and started over the right way this time. I found gravel and placed it at the bottom and then the put a good layer of the compost topsoil mixture on top of the gravel. I then placed a healthy dose of fresh potting soil on top. After that I replanted the Collard green plant and then transplanted three marigold plants into the container as a companion plant.



Phase 3:

For phase three I dug up some super black dirt and then planted Marigold seed in the soil that I had left behind. It was that super black soil that had a ton of organic matter in it along with a bunch of worms in it as well. Gotta love the worms! Once that soil sets and it gone through it will be use in a container at a future time.

Phase 4

I also turned one of the containers into a flower container and I planted  gladiolus bulbs and marigold seeds for some extra color in the garden.

But to sum this all up for the moment I still need more soil, more containers, and more pallets as well because I am beginning to realize that I will need to shift things around when the time comes.

The true nature and size of the plants that are in this container garden will begin to become way more apparent in the weeks to come. I am not ready for it but I am looking forward to it for sure




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