Kale overflow and Strawberry dissapointment

My Kale Story

Kale a very wonderful vegetable. One worth growing and then harvesting to eat. I have had Kale before and I loved it. Now granted it almost taste like Collard greens but its perfect. Growing Kale on the other hand has been rather testy and temperamental issue for me. So on my latest Trip to Lowes to get some more top soil and compost I bought some Curley Kale plants grown by Bonnie Plants to help get a jumpstart on growing Kale.

Now Knowing that I already had Dwarf Blue Curled Kale seeds from Ferry-Morse. My main focus was to see if I could get those seeds to germinate. So I took a plastic container with a cover. Placed to paper towels at the bottom. I soaked the paper towels enough so they would absorb enough water to stay moist and to hold together. I then pulled out 20 seed and placed them at a decent spacing so that when they germinate they would not be all entangled. I put the container on a shelf and left it aloan for 2 days. On day two, germination had begun and today all the seeds have germinated. So now I have more Kale than I know what to do with and that’s a really good sign.

Dwarf Blue Curled Kale Seed Germination
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale seed germination

The Curly Kale crew from Bonnie Plants


The Strawberries

I am usually good at picking what I want when it comes to tubers and seedlings at stores that have lawn and garden centers. So with that said I brought what would be considered the strawberry roots from Van Zyverden (distributed by Walmart). I followed the instructions as noted on the package and nothing happened. I even bought a self watering planter just for them, and still nothing. So I brought a strawberry plant at Lowes grown by Bonnie Plants.  I went home and proceeded to  dig up the strawberry roots that had been potted an noticed no such growth of leaves or any root growth at all. I then threw them in my make shift compost pile and  then transplanted  the strawberry plant that I had purchased earlier in the day.

Strawberry roots that failed to re root or to sprout or grow anything
Strawberry roots from Van Zyverden that failed to re-root or to sprout
Grown by Bonnie Plants and replanted in a self watering container
Grown by Bonnie Plants and replanted in a self watering container

Ultimate disclaimer: I have nothing against the Van Zyverden company at all. I am growing seed Onions and a Dahlia variety from them as we speak, and they are doing very well.

There are times when I expect every tuber and every seed I plant to sprout this was not the case. But all is well and the garden is doing fine.

Week 4 updates will be coming later in the week.

Happy Gardening!


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