Week 4 Revelations

Revelation 1: Always take advantage of the coming rains

I water my garden and at times I think it’s not enough or I am over doing it. Nature proves me wrong all the time. Then I see the effects that all that rain has on the growth of everything in the garden the next day and I am utterly amazed. Also transplant plants either the day before or on the day it is supposed to rain. That way the transplants get adaquate That plan has worked well for me so far.

Revelation 2: Trust the Ants

With the inch worm outbreak that seems to happen around the same time every year. They seem to be all over the place. The ants come and do some house cleaning for me. The ants don’t take them and kill them all, they just keep them in check. Ultimately I am hoping that they become a major part of the protection/pollination plan in the garden. I trust the Ants.

Revelation 3: Follow Instructions

I have never been good at following instructions to be honest with you. I have always thought that you didn’t have to be that exact when planting seeds. But what I have noticed lately is that things planted at the right depth come up even stronger than expected and that’s what you want to see happen in the garden.

Revelation 4: Dont be afraid to try something new

I have never tried to grow vegetables on a major level like this ever. This is unheard of for me. I have watched other people do it with great success so why not me? I over wintered garlic in an attempt to see if it was possible and if it could be done. While over wintering the garlic I began to look into, study and learn what I needed to do and have a very successful garden. And so far the results are way better than expected.

Ultimately I am happy with all that has transpired so far over the last month.

Here are more pictures from the garden in week 4.

Happy Gardening!

Potato and Onion
Potato and Onions



Collard Greens
Collard Greens
Carotts and Onions
Carotts and Onions

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