Week 5: Rain, Rain, and more rain

I am not sure what to say about this week. It’s now April and that old saying “April Showers bring May flowers” comes to mind. I believe that saying is true in one sense and wrong in another sense. The garden has gotten more rain than I expected so far this week and I thank God that every container I have has proper drainage so none of the plants get waterlogged. A brief pause in the rain a few days ago gave me the chance to check on the garden and see what was going on and everything is going well. Granted all this rain has delayed some of the things I needed to do in the garden but I am thankful for the Rain. While the rain has continued to fall this week I have been given or acquired 5 more containers which have through friends and so I can expand and grow more flowers and vegetables. As for room and space? Well, that is at a premium right now. I need more room for more kale, lettuce, and dahlias? Yes dahlias.

Dahlia Tahiti Sunrise (left) Dahlia Onesta (right)
Dahlia Tahiti Sunrise (left) Dahlia Onesta (right)

As of now I have one tall variety of dahlias (Dahlia Onesta) taking off majorly. It will be somewhere in the 3 – 5 ft range, it will need a bigger container. I have another variety of Dahlia (Dahlia Tahiti Sunrise) which will be in the 2 ft range. Once we get a solid dry spell both will be replanted. I have a love for taller larger varieties of dahlias. So venturing into the shorter varieties is gonna be a challenge that I am looking forward too. The one thing I did not do was to divide the tuber as many dahlia growers suggest. All I did was cut off the tubers that were barely hanging on. Trimmed up some of the roots and then planted them in the pots you see in the picture above. I will need to do a general check on both  dahlia plants, top them and then go from there.

All in all everything is going very well in the garden and am looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen in the coming weeks.

Happy Gardening!


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