Eight weeks in and all is well.

It’s now May 1st and the garden is coming along nicely. I am very happy about how things have been going so far. I am ready for some long periods of sunshine. The last frost here in the south is long gone. The “April Showers” have stopped for the time being which mean No more flash floods in the back yard for now. The battle with the inch worms should be over and done with now. The collard green were hit the hardest by the inchworm onslaught but they are bouncing back nicely. The kale took a hit as well but not as bad . It looks like I will have a potato harvest soon. It was one seed potato so we shall see. The beginning of flower formation started last week so I hope to see flowers in the next two weeks. Pictures will be forthcoming for sure! I have never seen potato plants flower ever so this will be the first time for me. Using straw as a mulch for the first time ever has been interesting thus far. One bail was more than enough for what I am doing but I am feeling really good about it. There is so much more to get done and redo I feel a bit overwhelmed. Almost all that I have endeavoured to grow is growing and doing well. I am even having success with Marigolds go figure. But I am learning a lot as i go and am setting myself up to be able to garden all year round.

Here are the latest pictures from the garden.






Happy Gardening!



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