The Runner Beans have sprouted!

The Runner Beans have sprouted and I am looking forward to watching them grow, tending to them, and harvesting  the beans as well. The Runner Beans actually came up yesterday while I was gone so, needless to say, it was a very nice surprise to see when I got home last night. I planted the runner beans in the same container with nasturtium and garlic ten days ago. I have been using the companion planting method in my garden and am looking forward to seeing how they all work together in the same container. As a side note to the runner beans sprouting, I also sowed another eight beans this past Sunday so I will have eight more runner bean plants that should be coming up about this time next week. This is going to be fun.


Kale, I never thought that I would be into kale as much as I am now. I am growing alot of Kale now as it is. I have 9 Kale* plants growing and I am giving 3 away. I started another eight Kale** plants from seed and they have been in the seed starter house and coming along very well. I will probably plant them out Saturday or Sunday. but we shall see. Along with the Kale I have lettuce that I started from seed as well which is growing very well also and will be due to be planted out this weekend to make room for starting spinach from seed again. I sowed spinach from seed and have been very underwhelmed by its growth because of environmental factors such as rain and cooler temps so a second sowing of seed is on the to do list for the coming week.

Kale and Lettuces
Kale and Lettuce

At times I wondered who or what would flower first in the race to reproduce themselves. It was the strawberries hands down and I am not sure why, but they got the jump on everything in my garden. Thanks Bonnie Plants!, but this is my first garden ever. I have grown flowers in the past but this is my first Garden that also included vegetables, and herbs as well. I was trying to stay away from tomatoes because cause everyone seems to grow them. I have a tomato plant now and its doing really well. It caught my attention this past weekend because I had noticed the growth and formation of buds that did not look like the leaves. At that moment I automatically knew that those were flower buds forming. I started to get happy and am looking forward to tomatoes coming really soon.



Something new I am going start doing is, at the end of each post, I will name the Plant / vegetable, variety, that I mention in each post

Runner Bean – Tenderette – Burpee (seed)

Kale*             – Winterbore – Bonnie Plants (Green House)

Kale**           – Dwarf Blue Curled. vats Strain – Ferry-Morse (seed)

lettuce           – Black Seeded Simpson – American Seed Company (Seed)

Tomato          – Patio – Bonnie Plants (Green House)

Spinach         – Teton Hybrid  – Ferry-Morse (seed)

Strawberry    – Quinault – Bonnie Plants (Greenhouse)

Happy Gardening!


4 thoughts on “The Runner Beans have sprouted!

  1. I still have to wait a few weeks before I can plant most of the garden. I have a few of the hardly varieties growing, like peas, Swiss chard and mint. Are you planning to put up any veggies for winter?


    1. I am. I am not sure what though. Kale is on the list though as of right now. I am gonna start looking into what I can grow through the winter. All of this depends on if I get my cold Frame built by winter.


      1. Nice. I live WAY up north where we have a very short growing season. I’m hoping to learn about lacto-fermentation so I can put up some veggies for the winter.


      2. Hmm interesting thought. Or if you had a spare room turn it to the growing room and use that so you can continue to grow stuff all year indoors. lacto-fermentation sounds interesting. I am in the South. NC way so we had a really good start to this season.


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