Runner Beans part 2 and Dahlias among other things

IMG_00000234Runner Beans make gardening feel a wee but too easy. When sprouts come up in about 8 days under the right condition life is good. All eight runner bean plants sprouted but one sacrificed itself for the rest to a slug which is my guess which I wasn’t happy about. Another sprout got chomped on as well, but one leaf remained so I left it in the ground to continue its work. This is the second sowing of runner beans, so far so good.

Super baby Carrot!
Super baby Carrot!

I get happy about a lot of things. The container garden is coming along way better than I expected. There have been some hiccups along the way, but overall everything is green and growing and flowering now. I can even harvest leaves off of some of my plants to eat already. Now that’s what’s up! Before I move on to the Dahlias, I need to talk about carrots first. Carrots are an interesting vegetable. It is just one big root to be honest, but the preparation and care required to grow them is intense and a bit crazy, well that is, if you’re growing Show Quality Carrots. ( I will try that next year). Right now I am focused on growing carrots to eat, so I went ahead and did another sowing of carrot seeds after I pulled up a carrot. I was very impressed indeed as I have never grown carrots before, so this gives me a great deal of confidence. Knowing that I can do this and do it well, but most of all, there are more carrots to come.

                                                                                  Now, finally onto the flower that opened the door to container gardening in a whole new way.

IMG_00000173 I have had a love for this plant for a very long time, the Dahlia. The blooms are out of this world and can be super huge at the same time. I have four growing at various stages of developement. Although all four have sprouted I am watching their developement very carefully. Why am I doing that you may ask? It’s because, although Dahlias should come up the same way every time, they don’t. I have one that had a massive leaf deformity and I had to top it at the right time to correct the issue and it looks like it has worked. Now with that said the first two dahlias have started a race to see which one would be the first to flower. I am still unsure which one that will be at this moment. I even checked on them last night and I am still not sure. Dahlias do bring me Great joy to grow and I never thought that I would get it right while living here in the southern US where its hot all the time and full sun will stress the Dahlia a whole lot. Once the flowers bloom I will post pictures for all to see.

If you Love growing Dahlias grow them well. If you have never grown them go find some Dahlia Tuber that are still out there to be bought and try them. You will not be disappointed at all.

Dahlia Prepping to flower!
Dahlia Prepping to flower!
Dahlia prepping to flower soon.
Dahlia prepping to flower soon.

 Happy Gardening everyone!






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