Of Ladybugs and Peppers

I am so glad that I chose to do container gardening organically. The benefits are paying off for sure. I am keeping a good eye on everything that I am growing. When you get up close and personal with that which is in your garden surprises always seem to just pop up. Today was the “Day of the Ladybugs.” I spotted 2 this morning, One was on the lettuce and the other was on the potato plant running around checking stuff. I got Lucky with the photo below. I had to coax it out of its hiding place to get the picture. Its not the most focused picture but I have proof now.

A Lady Bug
A LadyBug

Seeing two Ladybugs this morning made my morning for sure.

I took a chance on a pepper plant last month. It looked ok when I got it, more like saved it. It was sitting on top of a cooler, near the check out counter, in the garden center at one of the local Lowes that I shop. So I grabbed it, paid for it, and took it home. I let it sit outside for a few days and then transplanted it to the pot its in now. It took a few weeks for it to get adjusted but now it has found its stride and is growing really well. Constant watering with a smattering of epsom salt and we have a healthy growing pepper plant. Gotta love it.

Pepper plant
Pepper plant

Happg Gardening Everyone!



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