Chasing the Sun in my backyard

I love my backyard. Its perfect! I have enough space to grow stuff and be successful at it. The one thing I don’t have is direct sunlight all the time and that is thanks to the trees. At certain times of the day I get direct sun on some sections of the garden, so all the plants are covered one way or another. Today though I spent the morning moving everything around to maximize the amount of sun that the garden was receiving. All of that moving was very interesting and thought-provoking because it interrupted what most of the advantageous insects thought was gonna be a permanent thing. Many insect lives were lost this day. Also many insects had to readjust because they had no other option. I am reminded of that Line in the 1st Jurassic Park Movie where Dr. Malcom says “Life will find away” and that’s so true. Now it is just waiting to see how mother nature adapts to my need to chase the sun in my very own garden.

Here are some non-exact time pictures of the garden through the day…..

Garden at 9:11 am
Garden at 9:11 AM
2:16 pm
Garden at 2:16 PM
Garden at 5:30 PM
Garden at 6:30 PM

IMG_00000273                            – Garden at 715 PM

Happy Gardening Everyone!



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