Container Preparation 2 Part 2

In Container Preparation 2 Part 1 I talked about Hugelkultur and the Back to Eden Garden Method and how they have affected me. The thought then came to me to combine both methods and so I did this past weekend.

Here is the process for this latest container combining Huglekultur and the Back to Eden Garden Method.

The first step after making the drainage holes in the bottom was to put sticks at the bottom of the container. They did not have to cover the bottom of the container completely.


Second, I went and got a couple of shovel loads of leaves that were decomposing under a nearby tree and laid them on top if the sticks and branches that were at the bottom. After that I threw a little bit of compost on top of the leaves to help keep the breakdown process going.IMG_00000266

Third, I put 2 bags of garden soil on top of the leaves and compost which worked out perfectly.


Finally, I put the covering on top that Paul Gautschi talks about in the Back to Eden Garden Movie. I put about 4 inches of mulch on top.


The reason I did different preparation for this container was because it will be housing 2 broccoli plants which have been grown from seed.  But also after having dismantled a HugelKultur raised bed I wanted to use both methods together in a layering fashion that worked all the way around. This is gonna be fun.

Happy Gardening!


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