Flowers, Harvest and a Rabbit.

I Love my garden. It is a blessing to have for sure. Watching nature in action is cool. Gardening has so many benefits its amazing. I am gonna try to not talk so much today because it’s picture day!

First up we have the Dahlias my favorite flowers of course!

Dahlia - Onesta
Dahlia – Onesta
Dahlia - Tahiti Sunrise
Dahlia – Tahiti Sunrise

Next is the one flower I never really have had success with ever until now, marigolds.

Marigold flower
Marigold flower

The nasturtium is flowering.

IMG_00000278The runner beans are flowering too.

Beans Flowering!
Beans Flowering!

So color is popping out in the garden and I love it!

Harvesting is happening as well. Up first is the potato harvest. I pulled them up earlier than I needed to but none the less it was good to see a positive result.

Potato Harvest
Potato Harvest
Potato plant and potato's
Potato plant and potato’s

Kale Harvest!

Kale Harvest
Kale Harvest

And last but not least the picture which I never thought that I would get. It’s small, cute, and has big ears. look Hard enough and you will see him.

The Rabbit!
The Rabbit!


Happy Gardening!


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