Protect the Runner Beans at all cost!!!!!!!!

This past Saturday morning in the garden was rather simple. I did my normal early morning garden check in. I scanned all the kale for caterpillars the green ones. Checked on the white fly population in the garden and tried to kill as many as I could with my fingers and finger nails. Then checked on the runner beans to see how the flowering was progressing and then I saw them…….


Pods growing.
Pods growing..

Yes, I saw the pods growing and for the moment I was happy untill I heard the birds in the background chirping away as the realized what I realized and I panicked majorly because I knew they had plans for the bean. So I had to make a temporary runner bean enclosure to protect the baby bean pods from the birds. It was the funniest thing I ever built but it worked

Emergency  runner Bean Inclosure
Emergency runner Bean Inclosure

It held up most of the morning and early afternoon which gave mt time to go to Lowes and get bird netting to cover protect the runner beans. After returning home I dismantled the temporary runner bean enclosure, then proceeded to put the Bird netting over the runner beans.

Netting over the Runner beans
Netting over the Runner Beans
netting over the runner beans!
netting over the Runner Beans!

I eventually fixed the netting up on Sunday to make sure the birds don’t get in and so far everything is looking good. I even spotted more bean pods growing this morning. I cant wait to harvest them soon.

Happy Gardening everyone!


2 thoughts on “Protect the Runner Beans at all cost!!!!!!!!

  1. I love gardeners who will protect their veggies at all cost.. Bravo my friend, for coming up with a grand idea.. Loved this post… Happy gardening to ya, from Laura

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