The Adventure Continues…..

March, April, and May have come and gone. June is here and it is hot. The temperature here in the south East is in the 90’s thanks to a Hi pressure system that just wants to hang out and slowly moves east to the Atlantic. I am thankful for the shade the trees have provided the backyard. Mulching with straw and wood chips has helped a lot and I am glad to report that I have no heat stressed plants at all. I have had to stay on top of watering my plants though and even that has not been that bad all.

The Tomato Plant: I hardly ever talk about this plant at all. I am still learning about tomatoes as I go. The fruit has stalled out a lot and is growing very slowly if not at all. I did some research and found out that Tomato plants shut down fruit growth when the temperature gets over 80 degrees F. and we have been in the 90s for at least a week so it has stalled out for sure for now. I have seen some growth the next morning as the plant tomatoes have grown some when the night-time lows get into the 70 degree range. There is a spider that has taken up residence in the tomato plant. he has a massive nest and he is doing a really good job of taking care of it. I have not had any insect issues on this plant at all.  The Tomato plant I am growing is not a heat tolerant variety either, hence why it has slowed to a grinding halt. I can’t wait till things cool down and the tomatoes kick back into high gear. Next year though I will be planning to find two heat tolerant varieties that will produce through the summer.

The Tomato plant. The only one I have.
The Tomato plant. The only one I have.

Kale: I have a ton of Kale. I Like kale a lot. Right now though I have more than enough and they are all doing and producing very well. In the pictures below these are the ones I grew from seed their growth has been slow and steady and I like that. I don’t know if I am going to do another sowing of Kale at all for the rest of the year. I think I am just about done with the amount of kale I have.

Curly Kale grown from seed
Curly Kale grown from seed
Kale grown from seed
Kale grown from seed


Carrots. the carrots are coming along nicely. Next year I am gonna go with a more sandy soil to give the carrots a chance to grow deeper and longer. Dont get me wrong I love the carrots I am producing but I know how to do it right the next time. And so far no issues with carrot root fly yet.



The Beans: The beans are coming along nicely. I am happy. I have never grown beans before ever. “School experiments don’t count” So watching them do their thing is awesome even better is that they are protected from the Birds or any other critter that tries to get at them.




Last but not least the newest addition to the crew which is growing very well might I add. It’s The cucumber plant in a very unconventional trellis system that is big, ugly, and unmovable now that the cucumber plant has grown even taller. The first picture I am about to post is what everything looked like after I put the trellis together.

Cucumber plant and Trellis
Cucumber plant and Trellis

This is not the most beautiful trellis ever but it works.  Onto the next picture taken five days later.

Cucumber plant and trellis 2
Cucumber plant and trellis 2

The cucumber plant has taken very well to its very its new home. I have a few more things I want to post about but I will save that for another post. The container garden is coming along very well and I am happy.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


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