Back to Eden Garden Method Experiment

Ever since I saw the Back to Eden Gardening film, I knew I had to use that method in my container garden some how. After watching a ton of videos on YouTube of people doing the Back to Eden Garden Method on a decently large-scale. I had to think out of the box find a spot and just do it. So I did. I already had a spot prepared for a watermelon plant but the watermelon had issues.

So in phase one I laid down newspaper then poured the compost on top.



And then I placed the mulch on top.


Watered it so it all could settle.

One small section set up in under an hour and it felt good

I still had more ground to cover and needed at least another heaping of mulch to put on top of the first section I did earlier in the week. So I went to Lowes and acquired what I needed to finish the Back to Eden garden bed. I repeated everything again. This time though I spread Jobe’s Organic Blood Meal on top of the compost in the new section and then on top of the mulch in the first section. After that I laid another thick layer of mulch on top the first section and then placed a ton of mulch on the second section and watered it all again so it could settle very nicely.



What you see in the pictures above is what the bed looked like now, now that it is completed. Nothing is planted in it yet.  I am going to let it do its thing and then by the end of the month something is going to go in it not sure what just yet.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


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