Heat, Heat, and more Heat!

Gotta make this short and quick. It looks like it’s gonna be a hot one through the rest of this month into July. I am slightly not surprised at all. With a massive drought in California and the southwest. The middle of the country will get to dry out from all the rain it has already gotten. And the southeast is gonna still be hot as well. So to all my gardening friends in the US and Parts of Canada. Take care to be safe out there. Stay hydrated. If you get too hot go inside and cool off. Mother nature will take care of the garden for you. Water it when its cooler in the evening. Most of all I know this is all common sense for all of us but I want to we still need to make sure we are all taking care of ourselves in these hot condition.

Happy Cool Gardening everyone!


2 thoughts on “Heat, Heat, and more Heat!

    1. I finally got the rain I was waiting for on friday and saturday. I feel fou yall up there it dried out down here around Memorial day and then went hot. with Hit or miss thunderstorms. I am glad we have a bit of a cool down here.


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