BTE Garden Experiment Update

I am glad I took the chance to do the Back to Eden Garden Method. Granted its right next to the house, but it is working very well. I am doing a lot less watering and the plants look very good still. I Love it. I have to add some more mulch on top of it though because the mulch is thin in a few spots.

I originally selected eight plants to put in the BTE garden, 2 Collard Greens plants, 2 Pepper plants and 4 Kale plants. By the way I spaced them and staggered them I was able to get one more Kale plant into the mix.

One side note though All the plants that have been replanted into the BTE Garden have been in pots for the entirety of their existence until now.

Step 1: Find  the spot you want to put the plant.

Spot marker to dig
Spot marker to dig

Step 2: Pull back the wood chips.

Pulled back the Wood Chips
Pulled back the Wood Chips

Notice that the soil is still dark and moist

Step 3: Dig a hole.


Notice again that the soil is moist and not dried out. You can also mix any soil amendments you want too at this point.

Step 4: Place the plant in the hole.



After this step you can choose to wait to water the plant or not. I went ahead and watered a few of the plants at this point because the morning sun was masterfully strong.

Step 5: Pull the mulch back to cover the soil and the base of the plant.


I spread some blood meal around the outside of the plant on top of the mulch and then watered the entire bed.

Now here are photos of the finished product.



The wood mulch as a covering is awesome. Once the mulch starts breaking down its gonna be even better. There have been a couple of major rain storms over the last few weeks and the mulch has not washed away at all plus when I have to step on the bed the mulch feels like cushion and rebounds after I take my foot off of it. The only other non issue thus far is insects . Everything looks really healthy. So BTE Garden Method works really well and this is on a very small scale. Almost a month in and I like the results I see.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


6 thoughts on “BTE Garden Experiment Update

    1. IF you can get some soil amendments and spread it on top of the mulch and water it in. If you have yellowing get some epsom salt pour it around the plant and water it in heavily. Its gonna take a little bit before the chips really start breaking down. Right now I am Using Blood meal to help ad nitrogen and break down the chip and bone meal as well to add phosphorus and calcium and epsom salt for the extra missing minerals


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