Wood Chips Have Arrived!!!!!!!!!

Major thanks to The Davey Tree Expert Company – Charlotte Branch, they were the only tree company in my area to respond to a request for wood chip. It required a bit of waiting. And then being on alert to wait for them to come. It worked out perfectly because I got a call from them yesterday and then they came this morning. I almost did a happy dance this morning but I had to control myself and take pictures for everyone to see. The Back To Eden Film got me motivated to get wood chips. I got them now and I know what to do with them. I will probably put in one more request in for wood chips From The Davey Tree Expert Company later in the season if needed. Today is a good day!



Happy Gardening Everyone!



2 thoughts on “Wood Chips Have Arrived!!!!!!!!!

    1. First cover your established section of your plot. use the chips on the pathways through your plot. then throw compost on top of the clay soil then throw the wood chips on top. because its gonna take at least a year before the woodchips really start breaking down.
      The woodchip hold and release water so you wont have to worry about rain getting to the clay. plus as the wood chips break down it break the clay down as well. it just takes time.


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