Back to Eden Garden update – Feb 2016

Its been over 6 months now into using the Back to Eden Garden Method and I am happy with the results thus far. All of my containers in my container garden have wood chips and are doing well. And the bed which started it all is doing well. Everything looks blah and dormant for the moment and I am itching to get a jump one this season and start planting but it’s still winter in the south. The days have been in the 50’s and the nights have been in the 30-40 degree range  so I have to wait that little bit longer. I will be growing things from seed once again this year but I will also buying a few plants as well from garden centers. The BTE Garden is not at a place where I can sow seeds directly into the soil yet, so seed propagation is very important at this juncture. I will start that in the next two weeks or so.

The wood chips are awesome.  They hold in a massive amount of moisture and they displace water as well. Wood chips also raise the water table in your yard. It’s a truly interesting thing to watch. In a couple of places in my back yard the wood chips are an inch or three higher than the paved walkway in the back of the house. So what you end up seeing is the water leach from under the wood chips and flow over the pavement. Its fun to watch.


The other issue I had with the wood chips was the fact that the wood chips would create a pond between the back yard and the driveway. The overflow would leach under the wood chips and pour into the basement or leach along the path then down the stairs to the basement. That happened a few time this year so I had to shovel two drainage paths through the wood mulch to drain the pond that was created by the dam. And that has helped out a lot.IMG_00000555IMG_00000557IMG_00000556

Everything is ready to go outside I just have to start prepping inside and go from there. march cant come fast enough for sure.

Happy Gardening Everyone!


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