The sowing of seed has begun

February has come and gone the weather is warming up now a wee bit earlier than I had expected but 50 and 60 degrees has wonderful advantages. So with great pleasure its time to start sowing seed.  I live in zone 7. a perfect zone for me. I don’t have a formal green house so I have to start seeds indoors which is a good thing. by the time of the last frost in April I should have already put some plants outside by then. I did plan ahead this year because I remember the issues I had last year with white fly, crickets, cabbage worms and aphids. It was not fun at all. So I decided to invest in the TunLcover from Burpee to so when its time to put seedlings out or young plants I can feel really good that they are doing well and are protected as well.IMG_00000680

The TunLCover has been delivered. it arrive over a week and a half ago and it is now set up in the place where its gonna be for a while.


I ordered Dinosaur Kale and corn seeds  as well and Burpee threw in a pack of butterfly and bees mix of seeds as well. That was cool.


On February 27th the first seeds of the season were sown. Okra, Swiss Chard, Dinosaur Kale and Hot Peppers. I am going to try to do better this year about keeping a record of when seed were sown. Seedlings are already coming up now and that’s a plus. I am also going to keep things simple this year with the seedling and let nature do its thing. The next set of seeds will be either sown today or tomorrow. I am not sure yet because I have not decided which seeds will be sown  Although I do have an idea.

Just to give everyone an idea of what I will be growing this year.

Here is my list

Seed from Burpee

Okra – Clemson Spineless, Swiss Chard  – Ford Hook Giant, Kale Lacinato, Dill – Mammoth, Hot Pepper – Hot Blend, Beets – Detroit Red, Nasturtium – Jewel Mix, Burpee’s Bee and butterfly Garden, Sunflower – Chianti Hybrid.

Seeds from American Seed

Pepper – Grand Bell mix, Onion – White Lisbon bunching, Carrot – Scarlet Nantes, Radish – Early Scarlet Globe.

Happy Gardening Everyone!



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