Worms and Grubs!

The earthworm way … blind.

Worms. That’s all I can say. They have taken then the bull by the horns and showed up in a great way. Since employing the Back to Eden Garden method last year there has been a massive influx of worms. I see them in the wood chips and in the soil. I am always happy to see them when I uncover them but feel bad when I do uncover them because the then become easy prey for the birds. So I make sure that after I am done putting plants in the ground the worms that I uncovered are covered back with a little bit more soil ans wood  chips so the birds cant dig down to get it.

God Bless the Worms!


Now onto the Grubs. I can’t stand them. All they do is eat the fibrous root system of grass and plants above them Which leads to brown spots on your lawn or wonderfully healthy plans dying for no reason They do have an interesting life cycle  one which is more annoying than ever. I though continue to find them in their grub stage although I just found one in the pupate stage. So What I end up doing is after I find them I put them in a container and place the container in a place where the birds can have a snack for lunch. Its more humane that way rather than just killing them and throwing them away.

That’s the state of a affairs in the ground in my Back to Eden Garden. All the vegetables and flowers are coming along nicely. And spring is almost over. I don’t welcome summer just yet but I look forward to it to get here soon.

Happy Gardening!



2 thoughts on “Worms and Grubs!

  1. worms are a good sign! that means you have enough microbes in your dirt/chips to have living soil! if you put a squeeze of molasses into a gal/2gal watering can and water it in the microboes will go crazy for it. also, starbucks offers free coffee grounds to gardeners. go get some and throw them on top to water in. the worms love coffee grounds. keep up the good work. i am really enjoying reading your posts.

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