The garden is coming along

Container Gardening, and Back to Eden Gardening together has been going well. Am sorry for the lack of post along the way. I always have something to say but things happen and time is limited. You can never get everything you want done in a 24 hour So I steal time when I can and that’s not easy at all.

I like to be able to post pictures of my garden when I write a blog post so people can see what is going on. That has all changed now. The camera on my blackberry has gone off-line. I will need to find a new photo taking apparatus when I can because pictures are worth a thousand words and I like taking pictures.

The garden has come a long way. This year I have chosen to add in a host of flowers   to attract beneficial insects to help defend against infestations of aphids and the like. I will still have to do standard pest management though by just looking at plants and checking under leaves, so forth and so on to make sure everything is going well. It has to be done.

In other news I scored 2 raised beds in the my churches garden. I am tempted to take over one more that might get neglected this season. So I don’t know will have to ask and see.

This season so far for me has been good but feels a bit under whelming  this year.  I grew a few things from seed this year and have gotten a bit better at propagation this year. I need a bit more patience in that respect. also I grew new things this year such as corn, Swiss chard, cucumbers, dinosaur kale, and an heirloom tomato this time around. So I am in very new territory with new plants new trains of thought and new knowledge.  All the while working toward getting an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Horticulture at my local community college.

There is a lot going on for me this season but I am sticking with what  got me to this point and its all going very well. Here are some of the latest pictures from the garden. Enjoy!













IMG_20160606_145909IMG_20160606_145918  IMG_20160606_150035IMG_00001016



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