This blog is about my journey in to gardening in the 2015 Season solely using containers also known as Container Gardening. I have had a love of gardening for a very long time but it was focused around flowers. This year I will be growing both vegetables, flowers, and fruit at the same time. So follow me on this journey in to sustainable living through growing my on produce for myself and my family. Its the perfect place to start.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi!
    I’m glad we share the same green track, I’m not an expert in Gardening but I enjoy learning and trying it in the practice, not always has been good though… but I love to share the information. I hope we can support and cheer each other up!

    Thank you for following ecogreenlove’s blog 💚

    – Ale M.

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    1. Not a problem at all. I am not an expert by anymeans in gardening but i am doing my best to listen, read and pay attendtion to what people say and not over due it. and so far its working for me and I love it. Keep posting the things that you do.

      Dan B.

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